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The ATM Midwifery Training Program

The Association of Texas Midwives believes that midwives should be trained by other midwives, be that training in a school or through apprenticeship. The school has been educating midwives for over 35 years. We are dedicated to providing a quality education program that will prepare the midwife for the provision of safe, competent, and high-quality care. Our school is specifically designed to facilitate student integration of academic learning with the clinical training received with an experienced midwife-preceptor.

The ATM Midwifery Training Program (ATMMTP) has been an approved midwifery education program by the Texas Midwifery Board since 1999, with current approval through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR.)  ATMMTP graduates are eligible to take the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam as a Texas agency candidate, and upon successful completion, to obtain the Texas midwifery license. The graduate will also qualify for the NARM Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential.

Program Overview

The ATMMTP is an eight-part comprehensive midwifery education program utilizing direct assessment of student learning. Curriculum is based on the Midwives Alliance of North America standards for practice and the most current "Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice".  All  NARM educational and clinical requirements are met during the program. Requirements are met through a variety of methods, including flexible but structured home and internet based coursework, required reading, research, and community projects. Each of the 8 parts, or modules, ends with classroom time in the form of mandatory workshops where review, application, integration, and examination occur. The program's expected completion period is approximately 34 months, including the required clinical component.

The academic portion of the ATMMTP is divided into eight (8) Study Modules with related workshops.

  • Introduction to Midwifery
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives
  • Antepartum I
  • The Normal Intrapartum
  • Antepartum II
  • Complications of the Intrapartum
  • Postpartum and Newborn
  • Advanced Skills

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Links to additional information on workshop and program schedules is available by following the above link to the Program Content page.

Clinical Training

All students must complete a mandatory minimum 24 months and 1350 contact hours of clinical training (apprenticeship) with one or more approved ATMMTP preceptors. While under the supervision of the preceptor(s), the student will learn and demonstrate mastery of a minimum set of skills and document completion of all ATMMTP clinical requirements. During the clinical training period the student will begin to develop her intuitive skills and sense of touch, as important to midwifery care as the knowledge, risk assessment and problem identification skills learned through the academic portions of the program.

The ATMMTP recommends that students begin the clinical portion of their training following completion of the second module. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with an approved midwife preceptor who will work with them to complete their clinical training. The ATMMTP will provide the student with a list of approved preceptors. Midwives who are not already approved by the ATMMTP may seek approval by requesting an application from the Course Coordinator. A Midwife who is a NARM registered preceptor is eligible to be an ATMMTP preceptor but will still need to complete a preceptor agreement form. She should contact the school for complete information.

The ATMMTP realizes that completion of clinical training is dependent on the good will of mothers and midwives in allowing students to participate in their birth experiences. The dignity and wishes of midwifery clients are of utmost importance. Therefore, program extensions will be granted when circumstances warrant.

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Applications are accepted and processed during the following periods:

  • January Class Start: Applications are accepted from August 30th - December 5th
    • Mailed documents must be postmarked by Dec. 3rd.
    • References and supporting documents due by  Dec. 10th.
  • July Class Start: Applications are accepted from March 1st - June 15th.
    • Mailed documents must be postmarked by June 10th
    • References and supporting documents due by June 15th

An application packet can be downloaded from the Enrollment page. The application process can take several weeks. To view a typical  enrollment process, download the Enrollment Pathway.

Download the 2017-2020 Program Schedule

What does it cost?

The Program tuition is $9560.00, or $1195.00 per module. All payments to ATM can be paid using your credit card through Pay Pal or by check or money order by mail. See our payment plan below.

Additional expenses include:

  • Application Fee - $150.00/US Students; $200.00/Mexico & Canada
  • ATM membership fee - ( see application )
  • Exam Retake fee - $100.00 per exam
  • Module Retake fee - normal tuition ($1195.00)
  • Fee for re-grading of failing worksheet corrections - $50.00
  • Required and Recommended Textbooks
  • Instruments and equipment - approximately $500.00 and up
  • Apprenticeship fees - varies**
  • If still enrolled after 3 years a semi-annual sustaining fee of $125.00 is assessed beginning at the 42nd month of enrollment.

**This program requires an apprenticeship with an approved midwife preceptor. Apprenticeship fees are arranged privately between apprentice and midwife preceptor.

Payment Plans

The application fee of $150.00 must be received with the application. If accepted, the first tuition payment of $1195.00 is due within 5 days of notice of acceptance, which will be via email. If the payment is not received within 5 days, the application will be set aside until the application deadline. It will be reconsidered if there are still openings in the class following the deadline. No application will be considered if the tuition payment has not been received by the enrollment deadline.  Tuition payments of $1195.00 for each subsequent module are paid prior to receipt of each modules' assignments. (Eight payments of $1195.00, total tuition $9560.00)

Click here to view the Refund Policy

A copy of the refund policy is included in the application packet and on the financial agreement.

Computer Requirements

Students will require a computer (preferably a PC) and the following software:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or newer
  • Microsoft Power Point or Power Point Reader
  • Adobe Reader 10.1.4 or newer
  • Adobe Flash latest version
  • Windows Media Player

Non-Microsoft software programs such as Open Office are not compatible with ATMMTP assignments and forms. Students must have Microsoft Word. If using a Mac computer, student will need Word for Mac.
All students must maintain a functional email account in their own name.


The Texas Midwifery rules requires midwifery students to have a high school diploma or GED certificate, and current certification in healthcare provider Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR.  PLEASE NOTE: CPR certification must be either:

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be able to provide references (specified reference form is part of the application packet)
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Must be a student member of the Association of Texas Midwives
  • Must demonstrate academic readiness by means of a written essay


Where do I Start?

Submit the completed Application and Payment Agreement Contract along with all required information.
Have current membership in ATM - $30 for students ( see application ).
Enclose the application fee of $150.00 along with completed payment plan ( on application ).

A complete checklist of everything required is included in the application packet.

See the Enrollment page for more information and an application packet.


What do I receive?

Upon approval of your application, you will:

  • Receive access to the ATMMTP E-Learning portal and the "Orientation to the ATMMTP" mini-course
  • After completion of "Orientation", access to the first of eight modules of study, "Introduction to Midwifery"
  • Independent study assignments and projects
  • Student Handbook (Please download a copy from the Enrollment page so that you are aware of all policies.)
  • Enrollment in the ATMMTP Study email group
  • Enrollment in the module email group
  • Access to the student Facebook page
  • The name of an experienced midwife whom you may contact if you need assistance.

A telephone interview will be scheduled once you have received your initial materials and have completed orientation, if needed.

Who can benefit?

  • Students desiring to meet Texas state-mandated minimum education requirements for a Licensed Midwife
  • Students or midwives who wish to obtain the CPM credential
  • Practicing midwives wishing to review their knowledge or supplement the knowledge gained through independent study

ATMMTP Contact Information

We encourage experienced midwives to become approved ATMMTP preceptors. To request more information, a Preceptor Handbook, and an application email the Course Coordinator at: ATMCourse@texasmidwives.com or call 432-664-8815.

Still Have Questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

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